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The Truth About CO2 Emissions

Our country seems to be in an uproar over CO2 emissions. Our prime minister is forcing our country to pay billions of dollars because of this problem. But what is the truth behind CO2 emissions? Whenever I want the truth, I go to an expert. I don’t ask a lawyer how to decorate a cake. I would rather go to a baker. I don’t ask a teacher how to write up a will. I would rather ask a lawyer. I don’t ask a chef how to teach a chemistry class. I would rather ask a chemistry teacher. I don’t ask a drama teacher how to run a country. I would rather ask an economist.

So who do you turn to when you have CO2 questions? How about a geologist?

My husband is a geologist. I asked him his take on this subject. Here is what he said:

In Grade 9 Science class, one of the first scientific laws that was taught is that everything will try to reach a state of equilibrium. In university, in Environmental Chemistry class, it was stressed that CO2 is the “most water soluble compound of all the chemical compounds on Earth”. We also learned that photosynthesis requires plants to take in CO2 and expel O2 back into the atmosphere.

Did you know that the Earth has a CO2 cycle? Millions of tonnes of CO2 will be expelled into the atmosphere by an exploding volcano, and sunsets will turn red for 3 to 4 years. But then the sunsets will go back to normal. Why is this? Why don’t the sunsets stay red? It’s because the Earth’s surface is 80% water, which constantly absorbs CO2 into it and adds a Ca (calcium) to it to form CaCO3, which is limestone or calcium carbonate. Therefore, in those years of high atmospheric CO2, reef building and organism shell development are increased. This is extremely difficult to measure because of the extremely large scale of the subject area. On land, the surface is covered by a biomass of vegetation, which constantly absorbs CO2 out of the atmosphere to perform the process of photosynthesis which results in O2 production. This biomass also exists along the edge of the oceans. Through these processes, the high CO2 atmospheric levels are reduced reaching equilibrium, and the sunsets go back to normal. You will never hear any of these simple scientific principles from people like Al Gore or David Suzuki or Justin Trudeau because it does not go along with their Global Warming agenda. Isn’t true science amazing?

Now I have a geologist explaining that God has designed our environment to dispose of CO2. Have you ever heard of this from any of our governments?

Genesis 8:22 says, “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” God made this earth. It will continue to operate until He says it’s over and not a minute before. God has designed our earth to function in amazing ways. It even has the ability to handle CO2.

Now I am not saying we should throw everything we can into the environment and just hope for the best, but the fear mongering going on and the amount of money we are expected to spend is beyond ridiculous. We need to go to God with our concerns, and look into His Word to see what He has to say. He has everything covered!

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