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Focus on the Family Magazines

Would you like to have more godly influences in your children’s lives? One way I found was to order Focus on the Family magazines. As soon as my boys turned twelve, I would begin ordering them “Breakaway” magazines, and I did the same for Danielle, only the girls’ magazine is called “Brio”. These magazines arrived every month. They covered a variety of topics that teenagers face on a daily basis. They even had articles that informed young people about the latest in Christian music and movies. After Danielle turned eighteen, she continued to receive “Brio and Beyond” for a few more years. Joshua sent an article in that “Breakaway” published in their next issue. At present you can order magazines from Focus for children as early as three years of age (“Clubhouse Jr.”). Focus has stopped creating “Breakaway and Brio”, but there are still some amazing Christian magazines out there for teens, such as “Crown of Beauty” for girls. Christian magazines are an excellent way to have more of God in your children’s lives.

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