Are You Their Hero?

What does it take to be someone to emulate? To be someone others look up to and want to be like? To live a life that can be followed and if it is followed, it leads others into greatness. Have you examined yourself lately? Are you one of those heroes?
If we have children, supposedly we want to be able to teach our children by our words and our actions. We are supposed to be showing them how to live their lives in the best way. Is this what we are doing?
I look at my own life. I tried desperately to show my children God’s ways at every opportunity. I did not just attend church on Sunday morning and call it good. I tried to bring God and who He is into everyday life. If they hurt themselves, we prayed together for healing. If they were to write a test in school, we prayed together for favor and for great, godly wisdom. We talked about God’s great love for them, and that He had an amazing plan for each of them. I kept alcohol out of my home because I did not want my children to feel it was something helpful. It is something that can easily destroy, and I did not want them destroyed. I looked after them myself, so they were never left with someone I did not know well enough. I tried to bring laughter and love to them every day, and I taught them at every opportunity so they would become intelligent and wise.
Today they are caring, intelligent, hard-working people. If you want a job done well, you give it to them to do. They care about people. They work with people every day, and those people are in a better place after spending time with my children. Who I was with them has shown up in their own adult lives. They are teaching and mentoring others. One is a lawyer, and three are doctors. These are the type of doctors and lawyers I would want in my life.
Take a look at your own life. Are you out partying and coming home intoxicated for your children to see? Are you sleeping around so that your children end up doing the same thing? Are you screaming obscenities at your spouse while your babies look on? Are you watching porn at home while the children wonder what is on the screen? Is this the way for your children to have the beautiful life you want for them? The problem is we are selfish. Narcissism is rampant. All that matters is you and that you feel good. The model you are setting for others doesn’t matter. Others don’t matter. All that matters is you.
God knows the best way for us to live. He is not trying to keep fun from you; He is trying to protect you from evil. He wants you to have a fulfilled, satisfying, exciting, holy life that is filled with goodness and joy. Read Deuteronomy 28. The first verses give you the blessings that come on you as you serve God and follow His ways. The latter part of the chapter lists the curses that come on you when you follow your own paths. I want blessing over me and my family. The curses I would rather stay away from.
I encourage you to become a hero to all those around you. Become someone they can copy and try to be like. Change the atmosphere of the room for the better just because you walked in. Bring God and His ways into your life. Make lives better as you show others the best way to live.

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