A Treasure of Joy

Mark Twain said that truth is stranger than fiction. Sometimes true stories are the most incredible stories. Besides the difficulties encountered in settling the Saskatchewan prairies in the early 1900’s, Honoria and Caleb find themselves dealing with an escape from a cruel orphanage, a deceitful marriage, physical abuse, a tragic accident, and a kidnapped son. Only with the help God provides through His people can they rise above all these trials.

Honoria is making the biggest mistake of her life. Because she is an innocent farm girl, she is horribly deceived by the sophistication and lies of a manipulative young man. Far away, in a Chicago orphanage, Caleb is attempting a daring escape. Abandoned at two years of age, he must survive a cruel orphanage and protect a younger brother as well. He arrives in Honoria’s town with horrible feelings of abandonment and anger with God. The two young boys, ages thirteen and fifteen, attempt to start up a homestead in the rough, Saskatchewan prairie. Through the prayer, encouragement, and advice of godly townsfolk, Caleb and Honoria attempt to find joy. With the many trials of running a farm in Saskatchewan in the “Dirty Thirties”, Honoria and Caleb learn to lean on an ever-present God.

This novel is based on a true story, but all names have been changed. I compare this novel to Little House on the Prairie, which was a wholesome true story that created in us an interest in pioneer life.

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